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FlightGear Newsletter December 2009

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Welcome to the December edition of the [[FlightGear]] Newsletter. The big news this month is that preparations are under way for the next FlightGear release, tentatively named v1.9.10.0. Hopefully this will be available shortly after you read this. Compared with the massive change from PLIB to OSG in v1.9.0, the changes this release are more minor. However, there are plenty of exciting new features to play with, and the number of aircraft in the CVS hangar has increased from 219 to 286.
More controversially, there has also been some discussion about Flight Pro Sim, a "new" commercial simulator that appears to simply be a re-named version of FlightGear. There have always been a number of people distributing FlightGear CDs on ebay and elsewhere, providing a service to those without a fast internet connection, and the GPL specifically allows distribution for a fee. However, this has been far more heavily marketed and caused significant confusion in the general flight simulator community. There will shortly be a statement on the main FlightGear website to clear up the confusion.
Finally, as it is winter in the northern hemisphere, don't forget that FlightGear has snow-covered textures to make winter flying more realistic. The command-line option is ''--season=winter''. Happy flying.
[[Image:Tu154Innsbruck.png|thumb|270px|Screenshot of the Month: Tupolev Tu-154 at Schiphol]]

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