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FlightGear Newsletter October 2009

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Welcome to the fourth edition of the [[FlightGear]] Newsletter. This is the largest yet - many thanks to all the contributors!
This is currently As can be seen from the skeleton newsletter for the next edition. Please feel free to contribute! We're still looking for a permanent (or even a temporary) newsletter editorCommunity News section, so if you'd like there is lots going on from FS Weekend to get involved, have a look on the [ Forums]an ever-expanding group of Virtual Airlines.
==What's new in CVS==
The new code is designed to be generic, and make it easy for aircraft and cockpit developers to simulate real-world devices in their panels. Volunteers to create reusable navigation instruments (or update existing ones) are welcome!
===Sounds System Overhaul===
Erik Hofman has been completely reworking the sound system, a very substantial task. Once this has been completed, we should be able to hear sounds from AI/MP aircraft, as well as having much more realistic placements of sounds, doppler effect etc.
==In the hangar==

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