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User:Legoboyvdlp/Building using CMake - Windows

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==== Post-installation ====
Open FlightGear.sln. You can then perform all your development / debugging directly in VS. You normally only need to run build.bat again, if you update SimGear or OSG.
To launch FlightGear from Visual Studio, you can
The first time you do this follow the following steps:
# Make sure you set your build type to RelWithDebInfo in the top bar.
# To start with the launcher, click on the small black arrow beside Local Windows Debugger to open 'fgfs debug properties'. Switch to debugging; add {{code|--launcher}} to the 'Command Arguments'. Click Apply and then OK.
# Press the green arrow (Local Windows Debugger) to start up FlightGear. If there are any local changes, it will recompile; alternatively it will start up directly. It will take a little longer to start as it loads symbols; however you also have the benefit that any segfaults will be caught allowing you to report them!
# The first time you'll have to choose where FGDATA is -- to do this, select the 'fgdata' directory you cloned at the start.
NB these instructions are intended for setting up for development; there's a slightly more convoluted process for setting up for just plain flying (e.g. taking advantage of new features for aircraft development).
=== Updating ===

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