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Virtual FSweekend Hackathon 2020

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Friday 13th November 2000-2200 UTC. Kick-off
* General welcome
* Introductions
* Idea PitchesHack pitches
* Team formation
This is the point at which participants will decide which proposals Hacks they want to work on. The sponsors of each of the Ideas Hacks proposed head of time will be invited to give a 5 minutes pitch to the group, with some questions from the audience. Slides/screenshots optional.
After all the ideas Hacks have been pitched, we'll have a little break for people to chat and work out which proposal Hack they want to work on.
If a proposal Hack ends up with fewer than 2 people wanting to work on it (including the sponsor), then it will normally be dropped. This is to encourage people to work in groups - larger teams can get more done in the time, and have more opportunities to learn from each other, plus it's more sociable!
==Sunday 15th November 2000-2200 UTC. Wrap-up and demos==

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