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Virtual FSweekend Hackathon 2020

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The core of the Hackathon! Ideas of what you want These are the projects, idea and problems that participants will be working on during the weekend. In the weeks before the hackathon itself, participants can, and should, propose things to work on. The aim here is to pitch Simply create a wiki page describing your idea to the group, and hopefully encourage people to work with contribute and get interested. Include the tag <nowiki>[[Category:Hackathon_2020_Ideas]]</nowiki> and it will appear magically in the page linked below.|Hackathon_2020_Ideas Not got an idea? No problem! Have a look at the ideas above, comment in the Discussion section, and add yourself as an Interested Party for those you might consider working on itduring the Hackathon. There's no commitment until Friday evening.
== Materials ==

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