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Hackathon Proposal: WS3.0 Effects

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* OSG and Virtual Planet Builder
Sponsor: Stuart
Interested Parties: <none>
Currently we have some of the pieces required for WS3.0:
* We can generate the underlying LOD mesh with a texture draped over it.
* We can dynamically generate airports
* We can load the scenery in FG.
... but the WS3.0 scenery in FG is basically a dark gray blob. The bit that's missing is having the scenery pick up material definitions and therefore Effects and shaders.
This hackathon idea is to apply material definitions to that scenery and perhaps develop a shader that will use the landclass texture to generate some plausible texturing.
Skills needed:
* C++
Learning Opportunities:
* Materials
* Effects
* OSG and Virtual Planet Builder

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