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CompositeViewer Support

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CompositeViewer work
== CompositeViewer work ==
{{Note|While simply using OSG 3.6 for the Compositor/CompositeViewer does solve a few issues, that switch is causing new [[Post_FlightGear_2020.2_LTS_changes#Canvas| complications elsewhere]]}}
=== Status updates ===
* Use of CompositeViewer is enabled at runtime with: '''--composite-viewer=1'''
* CompositeViewer requires a [[Compositor]] build.
* When enabled, CompositeViewer requires OpenSceneGraph-3.6 to work well. See below for limitations when using OpenSceneGraph-3.4.
* The UI for creating new view windows uses new View menu items to clone the current view or take eye/target points from two earlier views. This seems to be convenient and avoids the need for a separate dialogue box or similar.
* Extra view windows can be resized.
* There doesn't seem to be any noticeable speed penalty if no extra view windows are opened.
* Extra view windows use a new view system called sview, which allows multiple instances and dynamic specification of eye and target points.
=== Problems ===
* Using OpenSceneGraph-3.6 [[Post_FlightGear_2020.2_LTS_changes#Canvas|causes problems elsewhere]].
=== Current limitations that we know how to fix ===
=== Issues when using OpenSceneGraph-3.4 ===
OpenSceneGraph-3.4 seems to get event handling wrong which causes problems when if we open extra view windows - resize/close events get sent to our main window event handler which confuses things. We don't know of a There is currently no workaround for this.
These problems appear to be fixed in OpenSceneGraph-3.6.
* Attempting to closing an extra view windows sometimes closes a different extra view window.
* Attempting to closing an extra view windows sometimes closes Flightgear down because the code thinks the main window has been closed.
=== Bugs that we don't understand ===
=== Code ===

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