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Update to reflect the abandoned state of mprecorder.
{{Deprecated| This software has been abandoned and the source code is no longer available online.}}
{{Infobox Software
| title = MPRecorder
| os = All with python3 support (only tested on linux)
| platform =
| developmentstatus = ActiveInactive
| type =
| license = [[GNU General Public License]]
| website ={{dead link|2020-08}}
MPRecorder is a tool to record and replay multiplayer activities, including chat and all aircraft properties that are transferred in multiplayer. In difference to the integrated flightgear replay support, you can record and replay multiple aircrafts. Also the standard recording quality is most times much higher (10 updates per second). You can use any view you want for video recording, because all replays are in multiplayer, so you can use normal aircrafts while replaying a flight.

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