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Load the Interfaces to provide data
You may want to create your own version depending on what properties you are
using for the NAV/COM, and your engine configuration. In which case you should copy /Aircraft/Instruments-3d/FG1000/Nasal/Interfaces/GenericInterfaceController.nas into your aircraft Nasal directory, edit it to load any updated interfaces and load it instead: <syntaxhighlight lang="nasal">var aircraft_dir = getprop("/sim/aircraft-dir");io.load_nasal(aircraft_dir ~ '/Nasal/GenericInterfaceController.nas', "fg1000"); var interfaceController = fg1000.GenericInterfaceController.getOrCreateInstance();interfaceController.start();</syntaxhighlight>
Note that you should only start the interface after you've started the FG1000

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