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Canvas draw library

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{{Note|Canvas draw is currently work in progress. You can test and improve it by downloading the [[Addons|CanvasDrawDev add-on]]. The canvas.draw library will hopefully be ready to use in FG version 2019.1}}
{{Canvas Navigation}}
A merge of canvas.draw library into FGDATA as optional module has been requested 02/2020.
{{Canvas Navigation}}
= CanvasDrawDev add-on =
{{Note|As of 12/2018, the add-on is largely based on GPL'ed [[How to manipulate Canvas elements|plot2D code]] written originally by {{Usr|Rodolfo}} (rleibner on the forums) as part of the [[Spoken GCA]], [[PAR instrument]] and [[Oscilloscope addon|Oscilloscope]] add-ons.}}

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