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User:Johan G/Things I am working on

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Article/main namespace: - Hunting down links to repositories. Most of these have been replaced with repository link templates by Bugman and Red Leader by now.
* {{progressbar|80}} [[User:Johan G/Hardware Review: CH Products controls (Combatstick, throttle and pedals)|Hardware Review: CH Products controls (Combatstick, throttle and pedals)]] Needs images, copy editing and cutting down on the criticism on other manufacturers.
* {{progressbar|60}} [[User:Johan G/Introduction to Low level VFR navigation|Introduction to Low level VFR navigation]]
* {{progressbar|20}} Go through [[Special:Search/commit]] and replace explicit URLs with repository link templates.
* {{progressbar|20}} [[User:Johan G/Synthesising sounds with Audacity|Synthesising sounds with Audacity]] I am a noob on this, but have some ideas I have tested that I could develop further and disseminate.
* {{progressbar|10}} [[User:Johan G/Flight computer|Flight computer]] I just can not believe there wasn't an article on this yet. Will restart this some day.

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