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+- Lead section, describing what the contest is; +- Making use of "magic words" in the examples
This article documents the process of '''archiving the [[:Category:Screenshot of the month|Screenshot of the month]] (SOTM) contest entries ''' on the wiki. The Screenshot of the month (SOTM) contest have been held in the {{forum link|f=19|title=Media}} likely since June 2015, possibly not continuously. The rules have varied slightly but in general there have been up to fifteen screenshots submitted and the forum members have had 3-4 votes to spread across the entries. In some cases there have been ties and more than one entry have been declared winner.
== Reasoning ==
The procedure used for a single month's competition is:
* Download each SOTM entry and save it with the name <code>SOTM [YYYY]-[MM] [TITLE] by [AUTHOR].jpg</code>. Here <code>[YYYY]</code> is the year, and <code>[MM]</code> is the month such as , for example <code>06{{CURRENTYEAR}}-{{CURRENTMONTH}}</code>, and <code>[TITLE] by [AUTHOR]</code> is the text under the screenshot.
* Manually convert PNGs to JPGs. This should hopefully not be required as submitting JPG images is part of the rules.
* [[Special:UploadWizard|Upload all files at once to the wiki]].
* Upload failures: Decrease the file size (i.e. change any 100 JPG compression levels to 95).
* Set the author to a temporary value of <code>X</code> and set the <code>CC BY-SA 4.0</code> licence.
* Set the date and new category on the first file and copy these 2 bits of info to all subsequent files. For example the new category, which is a subcategory of [[:Category:Screenshot of the month]], should be named [[:Category:Screenshot of the month/2019{{CURRENTYEAR}}-06{{CURRENTMONTH}}]].
* Add a title by copying the file name on the upload page, and adding a <code>:</code>.
* Finally edit the uploaded files to fix the author names.
[[Category:Screenshot of the month]]

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