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Template:Base Package Resource

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This template should be merged into Template:Preferences.xml as it serves the same purpose, but has a less ambiguous name; doc; cat: Link templates
<noinclude>{{mergeto|Template:Preferences.xml|Template talk:Preferences.xml#Merge Template:Base Package Resource into this template |date=June 2019}}</noinclude>{{#switch: {{{filename|preferences.xml}}} <!-- flightgear commit 78498c560d30797ee55c277ea5f1c74f120fe1a2 -->
| preferences.xml = <code>defaults.xml</code> (previously, preferences.xml {{flightgear commit|78498c560d30797ee55c277ea5f1c74f120fe1a2}} )
| #default = no filename given
{{Informative template|1=
== Goal ==
This template can be used when mentioning that the defaults.xml file containing FlightGear settings was formerly known as preferences.xml.
== Usage ==
{{obr}}'''Base Package Resource'''{{!}}''filename=''{{cbr}}
; filename
: Optional filename.
: Defaults to <code>preferences.xml</code>
== Examples ==
{{obr}}Base Package Resource{{cbr}}
{{Base Package Resource}}
== Known issues ==
If '''filename=''' is anything else than <code>preferences.xml</code> the template will render like for example below:
{{obr}}Base Package Resource{{!}}filename=dafaults.xml{{cbr}}
{{Base Package Resource|filename=dafaults.xml}}
== Related templates ==
* {{tl|preferences.xml}}
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