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+- Template:Cite web instead of Template:PDF Link, which was only used on this page and defaulted to page 190 of the Garmin G1000 Pilot’s Guide for Cessna Nav III, Rev. A
The airspace system is in the process of changing drastically [...] this isn't just a matter of throwing up a canvas showing some GPS waypoints and a magenta line. Modern navigators are astoundingly-complex devices — probably an order of magnitude more lines of code than FlightGear itself — and even their basic flight planning algorithms and databases (e.g. fly-by waypoints vs fly-over waypoints, open vs closed approach procedures, transitions into RNAV approaches, etc.) are far beyond the scope of anything we've tried, and we'd also need an up-to-date database far more complex than the ones we have now. Once you get to the extra features, like FIS-B weather or TIS-B traffic info over ADS-B, or TAWS (terrain alerting), we're probably in way over our heads trying to emulate even the simplest general-aviation IFR GPS.
This may help folks understand what the G1000 is all about: <ref name="Pilot's Guide">{{cite web| url = http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-00498-07_0A_Web.pdf | title = Garmin G1000 Pilot’s Guide for Cessna Nav III, Rev. A| date = October, 2011| publisher = Garmin International, Inc.| format = pdf| archiveurl = https://web.archive.org/web/20170708032442/http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-00498-07_0A_Web.pdf| archivedate = | accessdate = May 8, 2019}}</ref>
Writing a G1000 isn't that hard. Writing a '''feature complete''' G1000 is a ton of work. <ref>{{cite web
|url = https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/mailman/message/35925783/
Many of these would also be good to have for other avionics/GUI dialogs, including the NavDisplay framework, which is currently re-implementing this functionality separately, i.e. not yet using MapStructure.
Following is the list of layers displayed by the G1000 system, based on the Garmin G1000 Integrated Flight Deck Pilot's Guide for the Cessna Nav III [http:,<ref name="Pilot's Guide" //static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-00498-07_0A_Web.pdf Garmin Site] [https://web.archive.org/web/20170708032442/http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-00498-07_0A_Web.pdf Wayback machine], > page 153, and the mapping to the equivalent MapStructure Layer.
Richard mentioned that if he were to implement approach plates in the EFB he'd probably use raster images provided via http and provide an http service within FG to do this, or to allow the EFB to use any other external web service. Other content for the EFB could be also provided as SVG via http.<ref>{{cite web |url = https://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?p=259194#p259194 |title = <nowiki> Re: </nowiki> |author = <nowiki> Richard </nowiki> |date = Sep 29th, 2015 |added = Sep 29th, 2015 |script_version = 0.36 }}</ref>
{| class="wikitable"
! Layer !! [[Canvas MapStructure Layers|MapStructure Layer]] !! Status !! Page in <ref name="Pilot's Guide" /> || Notes
| Flight Plan Route Lines || {{MapStructure_File|name=RTE|type=lcontroller}} || Requires styling || {{PDF Link|page=190}} ||
| Flight Plan Route Waypoints || {{MapStructure_File|name=WPT|type=lcontroller}} || Requires styling || {{PDF Link|page=190}} ||
| Rivers/Lakes || {{MapStructure_File|name=VFRChart|type=lcontroller}} || || {{PDF Link|page=148}} || Currently using downloaded raster from web. Perhaps generate similarly to Atlas<ref>{{cite web
|url = https://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?p=203495#p203495
|title = <nowiki> Re: Atlas still in use ? </nowiki>
}}</ref>, or could be vector data from scenery. {{AtlasVsCanvasCameras}}
| Topography Data || {{MapStructure_File|name=VFRChart|type=lcontroller}} || Synthetic || {{PDF Link|page=145}} || Height-map at chart-resolution. Perhaps generate similarly to Atlas? {{AtlasVsCanvasCameras}}
| International Borders || || || {{PDF Link|page=148}} || Vector data from scenery?
| Track Vector || || || {{PDF Link|page=156}} || Forward looking display of track. Look-ahead time selectable.
| Navigation Range Ring || || || {{PDF Link|page=159}} || Straightforward extension of {{MapStructure_File|name=APS|type=lcontroller}}.
| Fuel Range Ring || || || 159 || Straightforward extension of {{MapStructure_File|name=APS|type=lcontroller}}.
| Terrain Data || || || 364 || Should be straightforward, with exception of obstacles. [[Spoken GCA|Profile view]] also required.
| Traffic || {{MapStructure_File|name=TFC|type=lcontroller}} || || 394,423 || Various options, each with different iconography and data displayed.
| Airways || {{MapStructure_File|name=VFRChart|type=lcontroller}} || || 154 || Needs to be replaced with vector data

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