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ATC-pie user guide

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* The teaching console is enabled, which allows you to control most aspects of the environment visible to the student.
* You create new traffic holding SHIFT down with a right click-and-drag on the radar specifying the position and face heading. A dialog pops up and allows you to choose a callsign (one is initially generated), altitude and other details. If near a ground route node, a parking position or runway, you can create it on the ground, ready to taxi or for departure (NB: parking overrides position/heading input).
* Traffic is initially created in an "unspawned" state (round-shaped blip on radarcontact marked "+"), in other words visible to you but not to the student. This allows you to set its transponder or get it into a certain state before spawning it into the student's world.
* Controlling the traffic is done in the same way as in solo sessions without voice, i.e. using the click&drag vector and taxi tools and the instruction dock. The only difference is that you control the selected aircraft directly, regardless of your strip links and details. You therefore do not need a strip and a correctly filled callsign to instruct a pilot, though it is a good idea to have one if you want your vectors registered and drawn on the radar. The traffic creation dialog offers to create a linked strip with every new aircraft.
* You may pause the whole simulation, or freeze each aircraft individually. Frozen aircraft will result in stationary flights on the student's radar.

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