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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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{{Note|<code>./ --launcher</code> starts FlightGear with its built-in launcher. If you just do <code>./</code>, FlightGear will be started without any launcher, at the default airport and with the default aircraft.}}
=== <span id="avoiding-multiple-downloads-of-fgdata"></span> Avoiding multiple downloads of FGData ===
Some people use <tt></tt> to maintain several directory trees such as the tree starting at <tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed</tt> in [[#getting-started-with-download-and-compile-sh|Getting started with <tt></tt>]] (this can be useful if you want to have one tree with programs compiled in Release mode and another tree where they are built in Debug mode, for instance). This can easily be done by running <tt></tt> in each of the directories. But since [[FGData]] is so large, it may be tempting to share a single instance of this repository among several trees. This is not officially supported, but apparently can be made to work with symbolic links.

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