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Optimus technology: Pure form update (no idea if the advice is still applicable)
== Optimus technology ==
If your computer has a GPU with Optimus technology, you need a dedicated script in order to make FG running FlightGear run with the powerful GPU.
After having installed required tools (Bumblebee) you just need to run this command line in your FG FlightGear installation directory (where you executed ./<tt>download_and_compile.sh</tt>) : <pre> sed 's|\./fgfs|optirun ./fgfs|' run_fgfs.sh > run_fgfs_optirun.sh && chmod +x run_fgfs_optirun.sh</pre>Now you can run FG FlightGear with <code>./run_fgfs_optirun.sh</code>.
 the The same is applied with can be done for the [[FlightGear_Launch_Control|FGRun ]] launcher :<pre> sed 's|\./fgrun|optirun ./fgrun|' run_fgrun.sh > run_fgrun_optirun.sh && chmod +x run_fgrun_optirun.sh</pre>
== Remove warning message for DDS files ==

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