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Compiling last stable versions (Experimental): Update, clarify
=== Compiling last stable versions (Experimental) ===
Even if the script fetches data and sources from bleeding edge developers repositories (which sometimes do not compile), you can still force the script to download latest known versions of the software that were compiling successfully by adding the -s option.
./download_and_compile.sh -s
Even if <tt>download_and_compile.sh</tt> fetches code and data from development branches of the source repositories by default (which sometimes causes compilation errors), it is possible to tell the script to download the latest known versions of the software that were compiling successfully by means of the <code>-s</code> option: ./download_and_compile.sh -s How does it work? Inside * For [[SimGear]], FlightGear and [[FGData]], it uses the script there is most recent stable release branch of the corresponding Git repository.* For some components, a small list known-stable version is hardcoded in <tt>download_and_compile.sh</tt> and used when the <code>-s</code> option is given<ref name="components-with latest -a-known versions -stable-version-hardcoded-in-download_and_compile_sh">As of successfully compiling revisionsApril 2019, it will download apart from svn/git those specific revisionsSIMGEAR, FGFS and DATA, the only component for which have been found able to compile together<tt>download_and_compile.sh<BR/tt>“knows” a stable version is OPENRTI.</ref> (for instance, the hardcoded information can be the name of a Git branch).Warning: If you run this * For the other components, the <code>-s</code> option inside has no effect. {{Warning|In a given folder where you previously compiled FGFS, it will probably fail to compile<tt>download_and_compile.sh</tt> is run, you better run should either always use the script with this <code>-s</code> option inside an empty folder , or a folder never. Building some components with <code>-s</code> and others without (all within the same FGFS version compiled previouslybase folder) is not supported.}}
=== Advanced options ===

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