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Remove the TerraSync section: 1) run_terrasync.sh is not created anymore by d&c and 2) TS is built into FG (has been for years)
sh run_fgcom.sh
=== Launching TerraSync ===
{{Warning|[[TerraSync]] has been integrated into FlightGear long ago, therefore the following is probably not useful anymore (read: may cause problems rather than help!).}}
Your FlightGear compilation comes with the [[TerraSync]] program too, so if you want to use it:
cd ~/fgfs
sh run_terrasync.sh -S -p 5500 -d /folder/with/sceneries
Where: ''/folder/with/sceneries'' is the folder containing the sceneries data.
Then launch FGFS with the '''--fg-scenery=/folder/with/sceneries --atlas=socket,out,5,localhost,5500,udp''' option
== Troubleshooting ==

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