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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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Update references to FGMeta to use template or the dedicated wiki page (the template cannot be used for the wget commands, because it leaves ugly space above, below and to the left of the result, which looks completely out-of-place next to the other cmds)
=== Update Available ===
The latest version of <tt></tt> can be obtained [{{fgmeta/ci/next/tree/source| path =| text =raw here]}}, however there are advantages getting it from an [ [FGMeta]] clone as explained [[User:Rominet#Getting_download_and_compile.sh_the_.E2.80.9Cright_way.E2.80.9D|here]]. Contents should be moved from [[User:Rominet|there]] to this page; significant parts of what follows on this page haven't been updated recently.
=== Cut to the Chase: for the impatient ===

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