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Hangar catalog

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{{stub}} In The default '''hangar catalog''', <code>catalog.xml</code>, is used by the FlightGear launcher, in-sim Aircraft Center to list all the aircraft from of the [[FGAddon|official FGAddon FlightGear hangar]] are displayed. This is via the default ''catalog.xml'' file. This will in the future be used for the in-sim Aircraft Center. [[Flightgear hangars#Third party sites|3rd party hangars]] can also provide a catalog URL via their own ''<code>catalog.xml'' </code> file.
== Catalog generation ==
 The ''<code>catalog.xml'' </code> file can be generated using the {{fgmeta source|path=catalog/|}} Python script. Alongside the script is the ''<code>fgaddon-catalog/'' </code> directory, which is the configuration files used to generate the catalog for the [[FGAddon]] official hangar. To generate the FGAddon catalog, as an example, type:
<syntaxhighlight lang="sh">
The idea is to create a subdirectory tree for each catalog. This subdirectory can have any name, and it contains the config and administrative files for maintaining the catalog. The config file inside the catalog directory will need to be adjusted for each new hangar. The script builds the content locally which then needs to be uploaded to an appropriate place on a server.
== See also ==
=== Wiki articles ===
* [[Aircraft Center]]
* [[Catalog metadata]]
* [[FlightGear hangars]]
=== Mailing list threads ===
* [ <nowiki>[</nowiki>Flightgear-devel<nowiki>]</nowiki> Testing changes to] (November 2016)
=== Source code ===
* {{fgmeta file|path=catalog}} - update_calalog script, templates, etc.
=== Default catalog ===

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