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A Cheat's Guide to Using the FG1000
** GA enables Go Around, which sets ROL to 0 and PIT to 7 degrees nose up.
** NAV enables NAV mode. The navigation source depends on what the CDI is set to on the PFD. Currently this is only implemented for GPS.
** APR enables Approach mode (not yet implemented)for both vertical and lateral GPS or ILS approaches. Will use the currently selected CDI source.
** VNV enables vertical NAV mode (not yet implemented)
** FLC enables Flight Level Change, where the autopilot will maintain the current airspeed by pitch. NOSE UP / NOSE DN is used to set the target airspeed, which is displayed at the top of the PFD, and on the airspeed tape.
** BC enables Back Course mode (not yet implemented)
* Buttons toggle modes on/off, defaulting to ROL for lateral and PIT for vertical.

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