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{{See also|Supporting multiple renderers}}
First discussed in 03/2012 during the early [[Rembrandt]] days, Zan (Lauri Peltonen) came up with a set of patches demonstrating how to create an XML-configurable rendering pipeline.
Back then, this work was considered to look pretty promising <ref>{{cite web
}}</ref> and at the time plans were discussed to unify this with the ongoing Rembrandt implementation (no longer maintained).
Adopting Zan's approach would have meant that efforts like [[Rembrandt ]] (deferred rendering) could have been implemented without requiring C++ space modifications.
Rembrandt's developer (FredB) suggested to extend the format to avoid duplicating the stages when you have more than one viewport, i.e. specifying a pipeline as a template, with conditions like in effects, and have the current camera layout refer the pipeline that would be duplicated, resized and positioned for each declared viewport <ref>{{cite web

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