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HUD Parser
In both cases the aim is to remove legacy OpenGL 1.x code, since these are some of the awkward remaining pieces.<ref></ref>
HUD files are PropertyList-encoded XML files, typically in the form of:
* {{Fgdata file|Huds/minimal.xml}}
* {{Fgdata file|Huds/default.xml}}
* {{Fgdata file|Huds/f16.xml}}
HUDs consist usually of several building blocks, separately stored under $FG_ROOT/Huds/Instruments:
* {{Fgdata file|Huds/Instruments/compass.xml}}
* {{Fgdata file|Huds/Instruments/ladder.xml}}
* {{Fgdata file|Huds/Instruments/turn-bank-indicator.xml}}
As can be seen, the building blocks needed for a HUD would directly map to 2D drawing API for creating avionics.
== HUD Widgets ==

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