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Use Cases: https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/mailman/message/36339959/
* [[Procedural Texturing]]
* [[Shuttle ADI ball]]
== FAQs ==
I started the Compositor to hopefully unify rendering in FG in the most
non-radical way. Instead of changing a large part of the codebase like
Rembrandt, the Compositor aims to bring the same funcionality and slowly
deprecate parts of the FG Viewer code.
=== Shadows ===
It includes shadows indeed. The Compositor stacks several passes of
different types on top of each other, and exchanges buffers between
them. Nothing prevents someone from creating a new pass type that
implements a shadow map pre-pass. I've already tried myself
successfully, but the problem is telling the pass which light should be
used, which brings me to spotlights.
=== Light Sources ===
Allowing aircraft/scenery developers to include "real" lights is a whole
different aspect of the scene graph that shouldn't be managed by the
Compositor. Some kind of system that exposes OpenGL lights should be
implemented and linked to the Compositor. Some decisions have to be made
though. In a forward renderer lights aren't as cheap as in a deferred
renderer, so if the aircraft developer says there has to be a light
there, someone using a forward renderer might see a performance drop or
not see them at all.
== Elements ==

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