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The IDG MD-11X 11 is an accurate, and complex recreation of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 by {{usr|it0uchpods}} [[Immersive Design Group]]. At this time, it is still in development (Pre V1.0), and is not complete yet, but this will all be corrected!
== IDG MD-11X 11 Overview ==Good Virtual Cockpit, with AP panel, Overhead, and Pedestal.Good 3D Model, and liveries.Active development by the it0uchpods Design Group!
* MD-11F (GE and PW)
See the right InfoBox for the Repository, or Download. <u>Remember to rename the aircraft's folder to "IDG-MD-11X11"</u>. == In Progress/Completed ==This list contains items which are working, or have been completed.* V1.0 Progress: {{progressbar|40}}* Virtual Cockpit* Electric System* Pneumatic System* Hydraulic System* Instruments* Custom MD-11 FADEC/ATHR* Custom MD-11 Autopilot* Custom MD-11 Engine System* Custom MD-11 LSAS* Custom EPR Calculation* Flight Dynamics Engine (JSBsim)* GE CF6 Engines* PW4000 Engines* Canvas Displays == To Do ==This list contains items that still need to be done.* Minor FDM Tuning* Altitude/Speed Predictions* MCDU* FMS* Icing* Fuel* PROF
== The Team ==
* FDM: Joshua Davidson (it0uchpodsOctal450)* Systems: Joshua Davidson (it0uchpodsOctal450)* Cockpit: Jormapaappa1235, John Williams (tikibar), Joshua Davidson (it0uchpodsOctal450)* Instruments: Joshua Davidson (it0uchpodsOctal450)
== Livery Packs ==

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