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Template:Infobox aircraft

605 bytes added, 23:29, 21 January 2018
Added Russian translations for aircraft rating system labels
| es = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Producción avanzada]]
| fr = [[Fr/Aircraft status indication#Statut global|Production avancée]]
| ru = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Продвинутый релиз]]
[[Category:Aircraft status: Advanced production]]
| es = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Producción]]
| fr = [[Fr/Aircraft status indication#Statut global|Production]]
| ru = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Релиз]]
[[Category:Aircraft status: Production]]
| es = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Producción temprana]]
| fr = [[Fr/Aircraft status indication#Statut global|Production précoce]]
| ru = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Пре-релиз]]
[[Category:Aircraft status: Early production]]
| en = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Beta]]
| fr = [[Fr/Aircraft status indication#Statut global|Bêta]]
| ru = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Бета-версия]]
[[Category:Aircraft status: Beta]]
| en = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Alpha]]
| fr = [[Fr/Aircraft status indication#Statut global|Alpha]]
| ru = [[Aircraft rating system#Overall status|Альфа-версия]]
[[Category:Aircraft status: Alpha]]
| es = [[Aircraft rating system|Desconocido]]
| fr = [[Fr/Aircraft status indication|Inconnu]]
| ru = [[Aircraft rating system|Неизвестен]]

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