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Ru/Высота полёта

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Какую высоту использовать - зависит от местных [[flight rules|правил полёта]].
==Indicated altitude==
*The [[altimeter]] reading.
The altimeter can be set to '''three''' possible references
#to [[#QNH|QNH]], resulting in the indicated altitude "matching" the [[#True altitude|true altitude]] (see below).
#to the Standard pressure (29.92" Hg or 1013.25 hPa) making the altimeter show the [[#Pressure altitude|pressure altitude]]. This configuration should only be used in high altitudes.
#to the [[#Height|height]] above the airfield. While on the runway the indicated altitude would read zero. Near the airfield the indicated altitude would be the [[#Absolute altitude|absolute altitude]] ([[above ground level]]).
What you have to use depends on the local [[flight rules]].

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