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Talk:Cessna 182S

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--state support: new section
::::Oh okay, i did not want to put it to the main page until the changes made it into release. What do you think, should we try to tag relevant issues in git to coordinate a new release? I did found some minor things today that i will want to fix for the next release...
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== --state support ==
Another stub for the new wiki update:
Currently [https://github.com/HHS81/c182s/pull/234 Experimental --state support] is beeing added.
This supports the following states:
* <code>--state=auto</code> Automatically set state depending on position (in-air=cruise; parking=parking any other=take-off).
* <code>--state=parking</code> Cold-And-Dark as well as secured to ground; before preflight checks.
* <code>--state=take-off</code> Ready for Takeoff with engine idling.
* <code>--state=cruise</code> Engine on and set to cruise (use with in-air-start)
* <code>--state=approach</code> Engine on and set to cruise (use with in-air-start)
With an in-air-start, airspeed gets initialized to 100kts unless otherwise specified >0 (e.g. <code>--vc=5</code>).
*'''Approach to EDDM:''' <code>fgfs --aircraft=c182s --state=auto --airport=EDDM --offset-distance=6 --altitude=3500 --timeofday=noon</code>
*'''Power-off Approach to EDDM:''' <code>fgfs --aircraft=c182s --state=take-off --airport=EDDM --offset-distance=6 --altitude=3500 --timeofday=noon</code> (engine idles; <code>--state=arking</code> state gives the funny experience of gliding with all <s>hope</s> power lost and blocked pitot)

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