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AI Systems

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Types of AI Objects
==== Types of AI Objects ====
* {| class="wikitable"! Type !! Remarks|-| aircraft||* wingman: See [[Howto:Add_wingmen]] for the main article about this subject.|-* tanker| ballistic || * |-| carrier: || The aircraft carrier AI object is based on the "ship" object but is much more complicated. See the scenario file called "data/AI/nimitz_demo.xml" for details. User information can be found at [[Howto:Carrier]]* ship|-* | escort|| * |-| groundvehicle|| * (thunder)storm|-* thermal| ship || * ballistic|-* | static|| * |-| submodels: || AI ballistic objects that emanate from, fall from, or launch from the user aircraft. They are presently used to model smoke, contrails, flares, tracers, bombs, drop tanks and flight path markers. See [[Submodels]] for the main article about this subject. See also {{readme file|submodels}}. It gives a good idea about how to create submodel files, what parameters are available and how to use them, and also the type of research needed to make sure the information and models are accurate historically.|-| tanker |||-| thermal |||- | (thunder)storm |||-| wingman || See [[Howto:Add_wingmen]] for the main article about this subject.|} 
AI objects have some things in common:

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