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Howto:Canvas dialog examples

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Dialog design
The structure of the dialog is pretty complicated, but is all just logical nasal stuff and has nothing to do with the canvas - nasal interaction.
In principle, all pages are parsed separately so they can be turned on and off easily. In general, when a tab is pressed, all pages are hidden (except for the menu) and the proper page shown.
<syntaxhighlight lang="javascript"> _onGearClick : func() {
This happens when the GEAR tab in the menu is pressed. The menu is re-setted and then the gear tab is changed color to indicate it is selected.
All the other pages are hidden, the gear page is show and finally all gear-buttons are updated. The status of the buttons depends on fg-properties. They have no listeners, but are only updated when the page is show. This is a bit easier and saves a lot of listeners. The disadvantage is that the buttons (they change color when a pressed and a failure is initiated) are not updated automatically. Maybe not ideal for a 'front end'...

Navigation menu