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Antonov An-22

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{{for|the An-22A from [[File:Spacetripready.pngCategory:HerbyW's hangar|HerbyW's hangar]]|Antonov An-22A}}
The '''Antonov An-22 ''Antei''''' (NATO reporting name: '''Cock''') is a cargo transport aircraft, the longest and heaviest propeller airplane in the world. The variant modelled in FlightGear is the '''An-22A'''. Is part of the [[FlightGear Space Program]] with assigned cargo missions for you around the Space Program Airport Network. See [[FlightGear space program missions|mission list]]
== Development status/Issues/Todo ==
* Complete model.
* 3d cockpit is available
* All animations with 200 paratroopers and 3 tanks dropping in [[Multiplayer]].
* More than 80 working instruments, full radio navigation systems.
* Wind drift, trim-neutralizers and many more Russian instruments.
* Thrust reverser
* Autostart or manually start up.
'''New in FlightGear:'''
The An-22 is available at Latest update: 15 May 2015
[[File:Dropzoneusair26.png|thumb|Antonov 22A Drope Zone Mission Target Specialist]]
== Aircraft help ==
* See in-sim aircraft help.
| {{Key press|Del}} || Toggle thrust reverser
== Compatibility ==
The An-22 is been developing and tested on several platforms, including GNU/Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X with FlightGear 3.2, 3.4 and Git.
== Thanks to... ==
* Barranger E. for the original model of the An-22 available at the official repository ([ link]).
=== Test pilots ===
HerbyW, Michatov
=== Technical systems assistance ===
=== Custom Propulsion integration ===
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