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ATC-pie installation guide

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=== More to install? ===
The above alone will provide you with a working program, but a few software pieces can further be installed to enable extra features. They are recommended for more realistic fun, but not required and can be installed later anyway. These are:
* ''FlightGear'' for '''tower viewing''' in airport games (though it can be run on a separate machine, see [[ATC-pie user guide#Tower view window|feature note below]] in the user guide);
* ''PocketSphinx'' for '''voice instruction recognition''' in solo games;
* ''pyttsx'' for '''speech synthesis''' of pilot radio communications in solo games.
== Running for the first time Getting started ==
=== Initial configuration ===
A message pops up when opening a location for the first time, inviting you to configure the local settings and listing features that may be missing in the provided (X-plane) data. If you intend to play here or come back often, it is sensible to:
* open the location settings dialog to set things up, e.g. airport runway capabilities (necessary for more realisitc solo games);
* if you have a custom airport file to use, e.g. downloaded from the [ X-plane gateway] to replace one reported insufficient, place it in <code>resources/apt</code> (see the <code>Notice</code> file there);
* if playing with radar: set up a background picture set with the terrain maps and procedure charts you need, and pin and save your preferred navpoints and labels so that they are restored on the next run;
* create and name strip racks according to the service provided and save them for future runs too.
For more detailed and advanced configuration, check the <code>README</code> file for a summary of editable options and the corresponding <code>Notice</code> files.
=== Starting sessions ===
* callsigns for ATCs in FlightGear are expected to start with the ICAO code of the controlled airport or sector, and end with a hint on the provided service (twr, gnd, ctr...);
* before choosing your callsign on MP connect, make sure it is not already in use;
* you can connect more than one ATC-pie instance from the same computer, but must use different ports;
* note that [[FGMS]] restricts callsign length to 7 characters. :-(
Solo games:
* wind will be randomised at start, but you can choose an active runway first so that it is constrained be forced to blow in a favourable directionif you select an active runway first;
* traffic is spawned with intentions according to the solo game options, so to avoid undesired traffic at start it is preferable to configure them before starting the game.

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