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The Boeing 727-200 Series is worked on by {{usr|it0uchpodsOctal450}} in his spare time, and we plan is planned to make it be as complex as possible. This aircraft is currently on hold and not actively developed. However, you can still use it.
== General Information ==
Decent Virtual Cockpit, with basic instruments.
Decent 3D Model, and multiple liveries.
Active development by {{usr|it0uchpods}}!
== In Progress/Completed ==
This list contains items which are working, or have been completed.
* V1.0 Progress: {{progressbar|1020}}
* Virtual Cockpit
* Custom Block V Autopilot/Flight Director
* Fully Custom EPR Calculation
* Flight Dynamics Engine (JSBsim)
* Hydraulic System
== To Do ==

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