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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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The following script takes care of downloading and compiling Flightgear from the cvs repositories with just one command execution for both 32 and 64 Debian based systems (Debian, Ubuntu). Pre-existing installed version (if any) of Flightgear are not touched at all since the script builds and installs everything under the directory within it is launched.
Necessary packages are installed via the apt-get system while libraries not included in the repositories are downloaded and compiled on the fly (i.e. [[Plib]], [[Simgear ]] and [[OSG]]).
===List of compiled programs===
The script is able to download and compile:
* Flightgear (And all the data necessaries to use it)
* [[Fgrun]* Fgcom[[FGCOM]]* [[Atlas]]* [[Terrasync]]

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