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FlightGear Newsletter March 2017

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In the hangar
== In the hangar ==
=== Updated Pilatus PC-9M and Fokker Dr.1 ===
Both the Pilatus PC-9M and the Fokker Dr.1 have undergone a cosmetic update by applying all the appropriate shaders. In both cases this was the reflection shader and the bumpmap shader and in case of the PC-9 also interior cockpit glass shaders. The Fokker Dr.1 is close to finished and the Pilatus PC-9M will get the 'detailed Cessna C-172P' treatment in the coming months.
[[File:PC-9.png|400px|frames|center|Pilatus PC-9M in reflective factory demonstrator livery]][[File:Dr.I Dawn.png|400px|frames|center|Fokker Dr.1 heading home]]
== Scenery corner ==

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