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Howto:Aerial refueling

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More advanced topics
There are several AAR scenarios available in the AI directory. refueling_demo.xml has a KC135 circling near KSFO at 3000ft; refueling_demo_1.xml the KC135 on a North/South towline at 8000ft and refueling_demo_2.xml the KA6D on a similar N/S path but at 8500ft.
These can be selected by several methods; using the --ai-scenario [[Command Line Parameters|command line option]], or by editing preferences.xml.
==== Command line method ====
Add the --ai-scenario option to your usual flightgear [[command line]]; e.g. <code>fgfs --aircraft=lightning --ai-scenario=refueling_demo_2</code>
==== Preferences.xml method ====

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