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Talk:Tupolev Tu-144/info

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: [[User:Mdanil|Mdanil]] ([[User talk:Mdanil|talk]]) 08:24, 24 January 2017 (EST)
:: The zip file did work fine. Here it is as you had it previously:
:: {{infobox aircraft
| name = Tupolev Tu-144
| image = Tu-144D-77117-EDDF.jpg
| type = Airliner/Supersonic aircraft
| config = Canard aircraft/Delta-wing aircraft
| propulsion = Jet aircraft
| manufacturer = Tupolev
| author1 = {{usr|mdanil|Michael Danilov}}
| fdm = JSBSim
| fgname = Tu-144D
| status-fdm = 5
| status-systems = 5
| status-cockpit = 0
| status-model = 3
| status = Early production
| download = {{gitlab zip file|user=mdanil|repo=Tu-144|full=1|tag=0.5.0}}
| development = {{gitlab url|mdanil|Tu-144}}
| licence = {{gitlab source|user=mdanil|repo=Tu-144|path=Doc/COPYING.TXT|text=Restricted}}
| navbar = 1
| float = none
The URL produced by <code>{{obr}}[[Template:gitlab zip file|gitlab zip file]]{{!}}user=mdanil{{!}}repo=Tu-144{{!}}full=1{{!}}tag=0.5.0{{cbr}}</code> is https://gitlab.com/mdanil/Tu-144/repository/archive.zip?ref=0.5.0, which seems to be a valid download. For the *.tar.gz snapshot file, this is only supported by GitLab. SourceForge and GitHub only allow for ZIP snapshots. And as nobody was using TAR snapshot links in the FG wiki, as far as I could tell, I never made that {{tl|gitlab tar file}} template. If you really would like TAR snapshot instead, I can look at creating the template in the next days/weeks.
[[User:Bugman|Bugman]] ([[User talk:Bugman|talk]]) 08:58, 24 January 2017 (EST)
If the TAR template is not too much work to maintain. On the other hand, ZIP already does the job. Thanks,
[[User:Mdanil|Mdanil]] ([[User talk:Mdanil|talk]]) 09:27, 24 January 2017 (EST)

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