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Command line

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You can simply chance drives by entering <drive-letter>: like that:
C:\Windows>d: D:\>_
And return to drive C in the same way:
D:\> c:
Now how about changing the directory?Assuming you downloaded Flightgear into the directory "Flightgear", that is located on drive D and its directory "Games". You do the following:  C:\Windows> d: D:\> cd Games D:\Games> cd Flightgear D:\Games\Flightgear>_ Easy, isn't it? You can also change directly into several subdirectories:  C:\Windows> d: D:\> cd Games\Flightgear D:\Games\Flightgear>_ And if you got into the wrong directory somewhere, just try "cd .." to go one directory downwards:  D:\Games\Flightgear> cd .. D:\Games> cd .. D:\>_ That's most you'll need to know about the command line. Any commands that appear in the forums or in a wiki can be executed directly on the command line. after you have changed into the correct directory first.
On Linux systems, there are several ways to get a command line.

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