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Extra EA-500

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There are a few special Extra500 shortcuts:
{| class="keytable"! Key !! Function|-| {{key press|CTRLCtrl}}+{{key press|e}} || Connect / disconnect External power cart|-| {{key press|CTRLCtrl}}+{{key press|f}} || [[Extra EA-500/pitch control|Toggle pitch control modes]] (direct and force)|-| {{key press|CTRLCtrl}}+{{key press|g}} || Put the aircraft on Jacks (for testing the gear on the ground)|-| {{key press|w}} || Gear Warn Mute (you'll need it, alternatively press the switch on the throttle lever)|-| {{key press|r}} || Put the propeller in reverse (beta range)|-| {{key press|s}} || Condition lever fuel on/cut-off (alternatively click on the condition lever)|-| {{key press|d}} || Autopilot disconnect (alternatively click on the red button on the yoke)|-| {{key press|c}} || Engage Control Wheel Steering (CWS, see below)|-| {{key press|o}} || Over power autopilot servos. Need to keep {{key press|o}} pressed and be very careful!|}
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