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Walk view

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Add developer documentation about a walker pilot and/or co-pilot
== Adding a walker pilot or co-pilot <ref>Human [http://cms.flightgear-de.net/index.php/engoben/91-comdiffen/112-humanen]</ref> ==
To add the Walker to your Aircraft replace the <PropertyList> Entry at the top of your -set file with this:
<PropertyList include="Aircraft/Human/Include/walker-include.xml">
This includes all Properties for the Walker, Key Bindings and a Menubar Entry. The Keys "a", "A" and "s" have their normal Binding when not in Walk View or Walker Orbit View.
To have a custom Exit Point add the following Properties to the <model> section in your Aircrafts -set file:
<x-offset-m type ="float">1</x-offset-m>
<y-offset-m type ="float">3</y-offset-m>
This specifies where the Walker Model appears.
=== Creating a pilot/copilot ===
First, position the Walker Model (walker.xml) below the seat with it's origin (feet) on the Cockpit floor. Then start FlightGear and edit the pose in the Walker animation dialog. When this is done, export the animation and copy the file to a subfolder of the aircraft. This file is referenced in the -set files pilot Properties via "include".
Note: Once the pose is done, the walker.xml entry in the Model file has to be replaced with either pilot.xml or copilot.xml!
The following properties control the appearance of the pilot and co-pilot. They are located in the /sim/model/ section of the -set file:
<pilot n="0">
<pose include = "Include/ju52_pilot.xml"></pose>
<pilot n="1">
<pose include = "Include/ju52_pilot.xml"></pose>
=== Custom movements ===
Basic Head Movements can be done by including this in the nasal section:
var head_x = "sim/model/crew/pilot[0]/pose/position/limb[2]/x-deg";
var head_y = "sim/model/crew/pilot[0]/pose/position/limb[2]/y-deg";
var head_z = "sim/model/crew/pilot[0]/pose/position/limb[2]/z-deg";
var head_x = "sim/model/crew/pilot[1]/pose/position/limb[2]/x-deg";
var head_y = "sim/model/crew/pilot[1]/pose/position/limb[2]/y-deg";
var head_z = "sim/model/crew/pilot[1]/pose/position/limb[2]/z-deg";
== WalkView: Another option for internal walk views ==

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