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FGo 1.4.png
Developed by

Robert 'erobo' Leda

Initial release 0.9 (24.09.2009)
Latest release 1.5.2 (26.03.2014)
Written in



GNU/Linux, Windows




FGo! is a simple and fast GUI front-end for FlightGear, written in Python. It takes a slightly different approach than any other similar application.

FGo! combines a simple graphical interface, which allow users to select an aircraft, airport, runway, park position and scenario, with a text window where it is possible to add more advanced command line options that will be passed to FlightGear. This feature allows FGo! to keep a simple, yet powerful design.

In its current state the application provides also a checkbox for TerraSync, and supports different languages. FGo! is available for download at the official website.

A specific thread at the FlightGear forum is used for discussion about FGo! and for announcements of new releases.

Everything one needs to know, in order to set up and run the application, can be found in FGo!'s README file.

Installation prerequisites


This program requires no installation, but Python (with Tkinter and PIL modules) and the Tcl/Tk library need to be installed prior FGo!'s first run. All of them should be available in the repositories. In Debian based distributions you may be required to install these packages: python, python-tk, python-imaging, python-imaging-tk, tcl8.x and tk8.x.


Download and install python-2.6.6.msi and PIL-1.1.7.win32-py2.6.exe. These are the needed Python2.6-libs and binaries.

It may help to rename the file fgo in the root of your FGo!-Installation to fgo.py. Now you're ready to click and fly!

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