Flughafen Köln/Bonn

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Flughafen Köln / Bonn
EDDK overview.png
Type Public
City Köln-Wahn
Runway Length Material
06/24 2459 m Concrete/Asphalt
14R/32L 1863 m Concrete/Asphalt
14L/32R 3815 m Asphalt

Flughafen Köln / Bonn also known as Konrad Adenauer Airport is the airport serving Cologne and Bonn in Germany. It is the seventh largest airport in Germany and the second largest in terms of cargo operations. In FlightGear, it is very nicely modelled, with an 850 layout and terminal models, and more!The airport is one of the few 24 hour airports in Germany.

Custom Scenery (work in progress, Feb 2017)

https://github.com/mherweg/EDDK-fg-CustomScenery http://www.23hq.com/laserman/album/28479990

Live Webcams



Köln / Bonn has two terminals directly beside each other and three runways:

Terminal One

Terminal One is the original 197s building, in the shape of a U with two star-shaped piers, B and C. There are 13 gates, of which ten have air bridges, and several remote stands. Germanwings, Lufthansa, and Austrian Airlines use Terminal One.

Terminal Two

Terminal Two is the newer terminal, to the north of Terminal One. It is a rectangular building designated as Pier D, with 8 air bridges and several remote stands. Airlines ther than Terminal One airlines use it.

Runway 06/24

Runway 06/24 is 2459 m (8,068 ft) long and has a width of 45 m.

Runway 14R/32L

Runway 14R/32L is 1863 (6,112 ft) long and has a width of 45 m.

Runway 14L/32R

Runway 14L/32R is 3815 (12,516 ft) long and has a width of 60 m.

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