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Avro Arrow

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The Arrow in flight.png
Cockpit view of the Arrow.png
The Arrow on the tarmac.png
The Arrow in a right bank.png
Landing in a rough field.png

Recent views of videos of the Avro Arrow, notably a film and a documentary, interested me in trying out the Arrow in Flight Gear. I vaguely remember the file in the aircraft list and decided to try it out.


A note about downloading - the links on the aircraft download page did not work. I had to resort to entering the file name in the browser window and locating some alternate download sites that worked fine.


Installing was simple - just copy it to the games folder in Linux and expand. The aircraft appeared in the FG start menu and launched without any problems.

Flying the Arrow

The take off was really unconventional, venturing off the runway in a totally unrealistic fashion, but once airborne, the aircraft climbed well, but was really sensitive in roll. The engines responded fairly quickly. This is a large aircraft and the handling in the simulator has been set up to reflect this.


The radar altimeter is a welcome addition, but the altimeter does not work, there is a large ASI and a VSI that works, and that was sufficient to fly around, get lost, find a runway and make a few low passes before landing in a large field and rolling for an interminable amount of time before stopping.