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This project has not been started. Consider this blue sky vaporware until somebody writes some code.

At this point the following is only for having a discussion.

Here's a scenario:

Flightgear started - Aircraft Appears. Activate Orthographic View Subsystem selected from menu or selected on the command line

The Orthographic View sub-system initializes itself and enables the following features:

 - View is switchable between perspective and one or more orthographic
 - Orthographic view data is stored separately from the normal
   aircraft data.
 - Orthographic views have a 2d viewport that can be of irregular
 - Orthographic views of single controls, gauges, instruments or
   radios can be created.
 - Orthographic view ports are 2d planes within the aircraft model.
 - Additional Orthographic views at multiple points on the z axis can
   be created for a given view port.
 - points of interest can be selected at any point in the 3d or
   orthographic views and measurements between the points can be
   calculated, grouped and saved.
 - Groups of measurements can be displayed or supressed as needed in
   orthographic views.
 - Elements such as knobs, push/pull rods, switches, bezels or entire
   instruments, gauges and radios can be removed from a view,
   similarly to the way the yoke can be hidden.
 - Orthographic views of instrument panels without covers, controls,
   gauges and instruments would show panels or supporting
   structure with mounting holes and cutouts.
 - Orthograpic views can be saved in files with such as  pdf,
   png, jpg, maybe even dxf and stl.
 - Support for additional layers of graphics for integration with
   existing gauges, instruments, radios etc when the orthographic view
   subsystem is enabled.

Blue sky features:

 - Supporting artwork for open source hardware components such as
   wiring harnesses, arduinos, raspberry pi's, rheostats, encoders,
   switches, air cores, stepper motors, meter movements etc can be
   imported from various drawing programs.  These items can be
   integrated with existing instruments behind the front panel.
   Exploded view perspectives of gauges, instruments and radios.