Leipzig/Halle Airport

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Revision as of 19:33, 12 July 2012 by August (Talk | contribs) (ILS new, Runway info deleted)

Leipzig/Halle Airport
Type Public
Owner Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding
City Between Leipzig and Halle
Runway Length Material
08L/26R 11,811 ft Asphalt
08R/26L 11,811 ft Asphalt

Real life features

DHL hub

Leipzig/Halle is just a small regional (yet international) airport. But it is the European DHL hub with 60 planes per night. The hub (warehouse, hangar and aprons) is modelled in the scenery.

Kursdorf - the village within the airport

Yes, that is weird. There is a village right in middle of the airport. So it's no surprise the number of inhabitants is shrinking each year. Once a thriving village with 537 inhabitants in 1950, they were down to 119 in 2006 (Wikipedia). It might be a little loud with the two runways, highway and express railways, but the transport links, hey ... The village is modelled in the scenery.

Taxiway bridges

A highway and railway lines go straight between the two runways. Three bridges connect the terminal with the northern runway.


Latest update: July 2012
  • Models: David G.
  • Aiport layout: Christian Schmitt
  • Additional models: Don Lavelle, Alex Park, Robert Shearman
  • Redesigning & Development 2012: August Geyler, Thomas Großberger


  • TerraSync has it all! Updates during redesigning process 2012 are published every week on TerraSync.


  • ILS 08L: 108.55
  • ILS 08R: 111.90 (111.75 in FG older than Version 2.0.0)
  • ILS 26L: 110.30
  • ILS 26R: 108.35

All diagrams and charts are available for download.


Here is a selection of the models. YouTube video.

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