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(Subsystems - Unmanaged)
(Subsystems - Unmanaged)
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| Flight Dynamics Models ||  src/FDM ||  ||  
| Flight Dynamics Models ||  src/FDM ||  ||  
| Navigational Aids || /src/Navaids || see also [[Navcache]]
| Navigational Aids || /src/Navaids || || see also [[Navcache]]
| Network || /src/Network<br/> Simgear/serial<br/>simgear/io<br/> scripts/python/FlightGear.py <br/> scripts/python/Terrasync folder ||
| Network || /src/Network<br/> Simgear/serial<br/>simgear/io<br/> scripts/python/FlightGear.py <br/> scripts/python/Terrasync folder ||

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Flightgear Subsystems

WIP.png Work in progress
This article or section will be worked on in the upcoming hours or days.
See history for the latest developments.

As part of an effort to understand the flightgear codebase in enough detail to begin working on it, I'm collecting information about various aspects of the code.

I've begun to organize this work on subpages of User:Callahanp/Flightgear and Simgear Code

This page was an early version that should have been started there. Since I'm the only author (other than Hooray, who has added his comments) and its actually work in progress, I'm moving it to

User:Callahanp/Flightgear and Simgear Code/Subsystems

The Flightgear and Simgear codebase can be broken down into subsystems. Some of these are Managed and accessed through simgear's SGSubsystemMgr. Others have their own componentManager independent of SGSubsystemMgr. Still others have no Manager function per se.

The lists below give starting points for exploration of the various subsystems in Flightgear/Simgear. As a person new to the Flightgear projects codebase, I think its important to understand the code in the following areas in some detail:

  • How Sub-Systems are managed
  • Subsystems that are not managed
  • How the main event loop works
  • How properties are set and how their values are accessed. This includes understanding the concept of "tied" properties.
  • How I/O works, especially I/O used for communications

Simgear Subsystem Groups

The information below is intended to serve as a starting point for exploring code releated to these subsystems.

WIP.png Work in progress
This article or section will be worked on in the upcoming hours or days.
See history for the latest developments.
Subsystems - Managed by the Subsystem Manager
Subsystem Name Folder Class Description
ai-model flightgear/src/AIModel/AIManager.cxx <FGAIManager>
aircraft-performance-db flightgear/src/AIModel/performancedb.cxx
airport-dynamics src/Airports/airportDynamicsManager.cxx <AirportDynamicsManager>
ATC src/ATC see flightgear/src/ATC/atc_mgr.hxx
CanvasMgr, Canvas & CanvasGUI flightgear/src/Canvas/canvas_mgr.cxx
controls src/Aircraft/controls.cxx <FGControls>
dns src/Network/DNSClient.cxx <FGDNSClient>
environment src/Environment/environment_mgr.cxx
ephemeris src/Environment/ephemeris.cxx
http src/Network/HTTPClient.cxx <FGHTTPClient>
input-mouse /src/Input <FGMouserInput>
scenery /src/Scenery <scenery> <FGScenery>
view-manager /src/Viewer <FGViewMgr>
gui /src/GUI <NewGUI> See PUI
input /src/input
kln89 /src/Instrumentation/kln89 legacy GPS implementation, OD_Gauge based
logger src/Main/logger.cxx
model-manager /src/Model/modelmgr.cxx
nasal flightgear//src/Scripting <FGNasalSys> scripting subsystem
realwx /src/Environment
route-manager /src/Navaids Route manager
sound /src/Sound/soundmanager.cxx <SGSoundManager> <FGSoundManager>
terrasync scripts/python/TerraSync/terrasync/main.py
time /src/Time/TimeManager.cxx <TimeManager>
traffic-manager /src/Traffic/TrafficMgr.cxx
Subsystems - Independently Managed
Subsystem Name Module Class Name Description
Add-Ons src/Add-ons/
Cockpit src/Cockpit/CockpitDisplayManager.cxx
Events src/Instrumentation/instrument_manager.cxx
Embedded Resources simgear/embedded_resources/EmbeddedResourceManager.cxx
Instrument src/Instrumentation/instrument_manager.cxx
Magnetic Variance src/Environment/magvarmanager.cxx
Multiplay src/Multiplayer/multiplaymgr.cxx
Systems src/Systems/system_mgr.cxx
Subsystems simgear/Systems/SGSubsystemMgr.cxx
Subsystems - Unmanaged
Subsystem Name Folder or Module Classes Description
Aircraft src/Aircraft
Autopilot src/Autopilot (FDM-interleaved)
Flight Dynamics Models src/FDM
Navigational Aids /src/Navaids see also Navcache
Network /src/Network
scripts/python/Terrasync folder
Properties /src/Main/fg_props.cxx
ChangeListener Classes
SGCondition and sub-classes
Easing Functions
See also flightgear/docs-mini/Nasal.html
Radio /src/Radio
Systems /src/Systems
Viewer /src/Viewer