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GTA IV Tampa

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{{User:Bugman/Infobox Aircraftinfobox aircraft
| name = GTA IV Tampa
| hangar = aucafly| aircraft = GTATAM4|image =GTA IV Tampa.png
| alt = 2016 GTA IV Tampa
| type = Automobile
| manufacturer = AucaflyRockstar
| authors = Ausdkunst
| fdm = YASim
| fgname = GTATAM4
| status-fdm = 1
| status-systems = 2
| status-cockpit = 2
| status-model = 4
| devel-repo = https://github.com/FGMEMBERS/GTATAM4
| download = https://github.com/FGMEMBERS/GTATAM4/archive/master.zip
| devel-website = https://aucafly.wordpress.com
| craft = vehicle
'''GTA IV Tampa''' is a fictional car from GTA V. 3D model and scripts are made by Ausdkunst and this project is licensed under GPL (3.0).
{{Note|This project is no longer in development or support.}}
'''GTA IV''' Tampa is an upcoming vehicle. It is a reboot of the 2015 project by the same author, '''Ausdkunst'''. It will be licensed under GPL (3.0).
== Features ==
* Wheels animation, rotate when changing directions
* Steering wheel rotates when changing direction
* Brake light when Park Break park brake is onapplied* Windows emit the classic Aucafly BlueLeft and right indicator lights* Great off-green light, which was first introduced on [[Aucafly T1]].road vehicle* Livery function implemented* Walker function implemented* Panorama Plus camera - To learn how to take a 360º photo, go to [https://aucafly.wordpressEngine sound kicks in at 10 knots (18.com52km/2016/06/14/how-h) to-take-panorama-with-aucafly-cars/| "How to take panorama screenshots with Aucafly cars"]mimic behaviour of a hybrid car.* Ability to drive on water
== Vehicle help ==
{| class="keytable"
! Key
! Function
| {{key press|[}} / {{key press|]}}
| Toggle Left / Right indicator
| {{key press|Shift|B}}
| Toggle park brake
== Pre-requisite ==
'''Sound library''' (all cars and aircrafts in AUCAFLY hangar share the same sound library. Download link: https://aucafly.wordpress.com/add-on/

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