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If you already know how to install scenarios and planes you may skip this small help.

Please just pay attention to have no "north Italian" or "Ostereich" scenario in higher priority.

Then continue with LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline - Planes >

Install the Scenario and the Planes

"The Personal Scenarios Folder"

Flightgear have 3 places where to install scenarios in your computer.

Place 1.
is a "basic need" for Flightgear.
When you install Flightgear for first time, just a few minimum scenario are installed with :
e.g. usually :

  • Windows - C:\Program Files\Flightgear\data\Scenary
  • Linux - /usr/share/flightgear/Scenery
  • Mac - [to complete]

Place 2.
is where are downloaded and kept the scenarios from Terrasync (e.g. additional scenarios downloaded from inside a running Flightgear)
e.g. usually :

  • Windows - C:\users\JanoLapin\Documents\Flightgear\Terrasync
  • Linux - /home/janolapin/.fgfs/Terrasync
  • Mac - [to complete]

Place 3.
is for the user chosen scenarios

It is here where we suggest to install your scenarios, including the LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline.

how and where to unzip the 7z file

Add you to your "personal scenarios folder"...

check it does appear in your launcher

If you do not have a "personal scenarios folder" - create it.

Instruct Flightgear launcher to lookup in that folder

Installing The planes you want to see or to fly with

you have the zips

I opted to have an additional folder with additional planes. So when I update Flightgear the planes do not ... disappear.

unzip the planes zip

if necessary strip out the "-master" from the plane folder name.

External links

  • [Some external link] – Some description

Template:Some navbox

All elements are installed !

LILO-LOWI-Adrenaline - Planes >