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I will have a to do list and links to subpages etc. that I feel will add to the documentation, structure and ease of use of the wiki.
If you have comments please add them to the talk page, sign and summarise them. If you start a new section, pleas add it to the bottom.

The help namespace

To do

  • Templates:
    • Read in more on templates
    • Start a template editing help page
    • Split the template page into
      • a general help page with also basic use of templates,
      • a page with samples of all the templates and
      • a page with more advanced editing help.


Work in progress

To do

  • Documenting templates, later on with a documentation template
Maybe I should create a documentation template and "accessories" before starting to document templates. Need to learn a few things before that though. Johan G 07:06, 11 February 2012 (EST)
  • Archive templates
  • Have a look at the help pages
  • Create a navigation box for the help pages


Not done

  • Template:tl Template link template. I think this one will be used a lot. Since it will be used in running text I have opted for a short name. Not done Not done Already exist. Should have known to search for it before adding it.